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From the first day of our training, participants experience the unique ability to speak stutter-free. Do you want to know how to say goodbye to stuttering for good? Then schedule your free consultation with one of the Del Ferro’s speach language therapists.

What to expect?

The free appointment is a chance to get insight and advice on:

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Practical information

While scheduling, you will be given the option to request an online video call or make an appointment at our training location in Amsterdam. The appointment lasts about 30 minutes.

Schedule your consultation session

Select a convenient time for your personal consultation with one of our stutter therapists below. This conversation is completely non-binding and is always possible at short notice. This is a valuable opportunity to discover how the Del Ferro Institute helps you on your path to fluent speaking.

It works!

On the first day, you are already fluent with the technique, which means I am now well on my way to overcome stuttering for good. The teachers are living proof that it really works. You don’t have to accept your stuttering like the what you have been told for years. Overcoming stuttering for good is the ultimate result!


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Del Ferro bij Humberto

Heb je Ingrid en Dennis gehoord bij Humberto op NPO Radio 1?

Volg exact dezelfde stappen als Lutsharel Geertruida en word ook stottervrij!

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