Experiences of our trainees

We are happy to share our course participants’ experiences with the Del Ferro method. They each once made the choice to live a stutter-free life.

A completely new world has opened up for me

Jeroen - 24 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

From Monday 12, something mega changed in my life: in fact, since then I no longer stutter. A completely new world has opened up for me. By recording an intake video right on day 1, it became clear to me very quickly: I don’t want this anymore (after seeing the video).

The Del Ferro speaking technique is very hard work and you are responsible for your own efforts. I thought the course facilitator Patrick was fantastic. I listened so intently to his stories and I recognised myself back in his story of stuttering. Especially the motivation I get from it to keep going 1000%. Del Ferro is going to positively change my life in the near future. So much peace in breathing and speaking which I have never experienced in 20 years.

Patrick, thank you for the great stories, motivation and the Del Ferro training.

My dream is getting closer

Lars - 22 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

Before coming to Del Ferro, my confidence to talk was very low. I spoke very little as a result. But since I came to Del Ferro, I have enjoyed talking a lot more. This is partly due to Patrick’s good teaching. For this, I am very grateful to him.

To my knowledge, the themes were so good because they blended so well. They were instructive and sometimes confrontational. But because of this, I also dare much more now. I speak more and am also no longer the Lars without confidence.

My dream of getting good at installation engineering is getting closer as a result. From now on, I will be the Lars with a smile on my face. For this, I would like to thank Stefan and Jeroen in addition to Patrick. You have also dragged me through this. You have become really good friends of mine.

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He attended stutter therapy 18 years ago

It truly changed my life

Frederick lives in the UK but was in Amsterdam on holidays with his family when he decided to stop by our headquarters where, 18 years ago, the Del Ferro course changed his life. Frederick is a great example of what happens when you learn to master the Del Ferro Method and overcome your stuttering problem. He now runs his own architectural company and enjoys public speaking.

Confident from day 1

Dmitriy - 24 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

The course began with an explanation of how the human body works, This was different from other treatment methods.

We also started practising with Dennis from the first lesson and from then on we felt confident to speak. On the second day, we started practising a different exercise and it gave an even better effect. On the third day, he spoke while checking the breathing diagram.

The most important lesson I learnt is that if you start stuttering, you should stop immediately and start talking again. All of our speech depends on the diaphragm and how we control it.

I am very proud of myself for taking on challenges

Ymke - 18 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

On Monday morning, I was very nervous about whether Del Ferro would really understand stuttering. Something I found super is that Patrick asked upon entering, “And you are probably Ymke?” It felt very nice that I didn’t have to say my name.

The model Patrick often used was really super good. Through the model, everything became clear. I also got the method pretty quickly. That’s because Patrick explained it so clearly. I have never had such a clear teacher. There was a lot of information but somehow he really always kept it engaging. Really super done! I am very proud of myself for taking on challenges. An example is asking for help in a shop. I showed the card first and then took my time with phase 3. My end goal is to be able to speak in front of a large group.

Many thanks again Patrick and Ingrid.

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He attended stutter therapy in 2020

I was escorted from stage, that felt so horrible

When we met Andrew on the first day of the course, he came across as quiet and shy. However, it soon became clear that this was only due to his stuttering and fear of speaking.

Throughout the 5-day course, Andrew proved that with motivation and dedication, you can achieve fluency and regain the joy of speaking! On the last day, he held a presentation about his life with stuttering and blew us away.

It’s always amazing to see the process of healing take place in our students while they face speaking challenges and are able to say what they want to say, how they want to say it. 

5 best days of my life

Saman - 24 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

Patrick explained in an understandable, personal and concise way that I now have a tool to overcome my stuttering.

The explanations were very clear, even the little things were very obvious. I was able to follow every step without any problems. Every time I did something well, I got a compliment and I was very happy about that. Stages 1 to 4 were explained very clearly and each stage was easy to follow.

It was not easy, but compliments and explanations from my teacher made me feel that it can be easy. They were 5 tough, but the 5 best days of my life. All my praise to Patrick! Thank you very much!

Normal speaking was my dream

Loes - 55 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

Everyone knew me as Loes who has a stuttering problem. My whole life has looked like this. As a child, I didn’t think much about this until I got older and started paying more conscious attention to people around me speaking normally… That was my dream!

Not having to stutter anymore, not being laughed at by my grandchildren, being understood normally by the people around me, being able to speak normally in a taxi. In short, be able to go through life normally.

I had visited a speech therapist before, but over time, I felt that did not give enough satisfaction. 6 weeks ago, I started to delve more into my problem as I became increasingly aware that things could and should be different. In my life, I became increasingly emotional, increasingly unhappy, avoiding problems, even inventing all kinds of techniques and tricks.

Until the conscious moment when I took the step to request an information session at Del Ferro. The first big step in my life. How proud I felt. I was going to tackle my stuttering problem.

The big day arrived on October 3. How proud I felt to attend 5 days of a special course. Once inside, I saw 5 fellow students (did they all have the same problem too?). From the looks of it, I didn’t see anything about them. But unfortunately, like me, the same problem.

We had 5 intense days, lots of laughter about each other’s tricks, shared emotions, received reactions from course leader Dennis when you went wrong. From day 1, I was stutter-free. Now five days later: stutter-free. We successfully completed the course.

How liberated we felt, no more course, no more learning technique. No more being corrected when you go wrong, no more seeing my amazing fellow students (what a strong bond you build with each other). I thought I was done. Go through life stutter-free. But right now it is starting for us!

Saturday, October 8, I went home. At home, emotions began to set in. I saw that there were 2 big bunches of flowers, 2 great cards with sweet texts about me being a topper. But believe me dear people that the work for me is just beginning now.

I have yet to apply the technique for some time. The course is not yet finished. For me, that means learning to control my breathing before speaking.

What is very normal for everyone else still takes time for me to start speaking normally too. I hope everyone will give me that time and understanding I need to also start speaking normally like all of you.

I must and will get rid of my stutter

Jan Marc - 28 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

Especially the combination between the mental part (anxiety and insecurity) and training your diaphragm helped me a lot. In addition, not stuttering anymore gives me an enormous amount of extra security in social situations. Where I avoided these situations before, I am now tackling them.

I think if I keep this up, there will be countless additional opportunities for me personally and work-related. Therefore, I feel like applying the method in the coming time. It won’t be easy, but I must and will get rid of my stutter.

Ingrid, mega thanks for the lessons last week!

I can now use the Del Ferro method to make my dream of stutter-free speech come true

Joel - 44 years - Ede

He attended stutter therapy in 2024

I never expected the Del Ferro method to go so deep. Somehow I assumed I would get new tricks in my toolbox that would help me control my stuttering a little more. Especially when, for the umpteenth time, I would be in a deep place about my stuttering.

From day one of stutter therapy, the pace was on. We had to, because we had “only” 5 days to master the method. I liked that.

I did notice after the fourth day, however, that I continued to use the group to automate the steps I learned. That means daily life is going to be the big challenge for me.

It was enjoying the efforts of the teachers. And again, not. They saw through me. Thank you Ingrid, for seeing me through and thus mirroring me at times. I found that spicy, but also enjoyable (in retrospect…).

Thanks Dennis, for being that sweet guy, and then again being able to just tell me where it was at. You are not a gentle healer.

I also want to thank you for the afternoon where we talked about identity. I am now 44 years old, have read and done a lot around this topic, but this came in. That was a “moment” of awareness for me.

During the course, I encountered myself. I have the attitude of survival, but working hard to really make something of it is something that is not yet my own. However, I now have that in mind.

I can now use the Del Ferro method to make my dream of stutter-free speech come true. Of that I am convinced. However, I still get to work “a little” hard to master and automate the steps, even in the areas where this will be a little more challenging for me.

Specifically, something has already changed: I notice that I have control over my speaking by applying the Del Ferro method. There is then no more room to stutter. This makes me realize that stutter-free living is very much possible.

Therefore, the only question for me is: do I give myself the space to apply the Del Ferro method in every situation, to become more and more the person I want to be.

I won gold in long jump at the Dutch championships because I was not distracted by stuttering

Jeff - 20 years - Heerhugowaard

He attended stutter therapy in 2023

I am thoroughly enjoying the steps I have taken in the recent period. Things that before the course were a disaster for me or that I was dreading, are already starting to become natural because I am now fluent!

I would like to give an example because it shows well what fluent speaking does to me. During big athletics competitions, I was afraid of stuttering or even afraid of winning because of a possible interview.

Three weeks back, I won gold in the long jump at the National Championships. Not even because the form was so good, but because in my mind I was only concerned with the race. It is great that I am progressing so quickly with fluency and that it is also having such a positive impact on my life!

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Daniel • Los Angeles

He attended stutter therapy in 2020

I'm finally free from my cage of stuttering

Daniel is from Australia and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in producing music. However, he felt that he wasn’t taken seriously in this music industry and that stuttering was holding him back in pursuing his dreams. 

During the course, Daniel had the ‘give it my all’ mentality. He was tired of going through life with stuttering and the fear of speaking situations. On the last day, that hard work resulted in a confident Daniel speaking fluent sentences. 

Fast forward 3 months – He just successfully completed a job interview. He applied the Del Ferro method, spoke fluently, and got the job. Congratulations Daniel!

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5-day course in Miami

Over these past 5 days my life has changed

Our international course in Miami, Florida was a big success. After years of fruitless speech therapy our students have been searching for help in overcoming their stuttering. With the Del Ferro Method, they finally found a technique that enables them to speak fluently and take back control of their speech. 

I am already starting to feel completely myself

Pablo - 30 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

I must admit that this course amazed me from day one. I had doubts when I started. I couldn’t believe that four days later I would achieve all these results. I know there is still a process to come and a lot to do especially on my part, but I am already starting to feel completely myself. I can now say what I want without fear or unwanted thoughts. My self-confidence has increased a lot and my insecurities have almost disappeared. I tested myself in a few challenges this week and to my surprise, the results were very positive.

I think the course is set up in a very good way. Step by step, phase by phase. I found it much more fun to do it with a group in Amsterdam than online and maybe I was also lucky that we were in a small group. This helped me and I could see that we were working together towards a better outcome for all of us.

Finally, a big compliment to Patrick. He very clearly introduced us to the incredible world of the diaphragm and perfectly taught us the Del Ferro method. And most importantly, it was incredible how he kept me motivated throughout the course. So many great anecdotes and explanations. I felt reflected in many of the experiences. I think he is the most inspiring person I have ever met. Thanks!

Getting rid of not only stuttering, but also ADHD medication

Giselle - mother

Her son attended stutter therapy in 2023

With ADHD and a diagnosis of Tourette’s syndrome, the challenge seemed great to help my son get rid of stuttering. I had opted for the private course, but when my son started, a group of children his age also started.

By mutual agreement, we decided that Louis should have the opportunity to participate in this group. This turned out to be a hit. His self-confidence shot up and his social skills flourished.

Amazingly, the breathing techniques and concentration exercises of the Del Ferro method allowed him to stop taking his ADHD medication. The tics, previously thought to be Tourette’s, were found to be related to the stuttering and disappeared with the method. I am incredibly proud and grateful for this result.

Del Ferro is a tough but effective and results-oriented training

Ramazan - 46 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

No quackery and with no commercial point of view. The relationship with the teacher is more like a buddy which helps you in the process. To be allowed and able to take part in the training, you must be eager to get rid of stuttering yourself.

Different topics and stories are discussed, where there is always a learning moment. The small group works efficiently. Attention is paid to how speaking was before training. So you can see for yourself how you come across to other people. Difficult and shocking.

I feel a lot more alive and happy now. My self-confidence has skyrocketed. I didn’t have a fear of talking and now I don’t at all.

Thank you for the patience, time, commitment and zooming in on my working points.

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He attended stutter therapy in 2019

Watching everybody give their presentations was quite emotional and awesome to see

For the first time in his life, Daniel felt he could be free of his stutter after taking the Del Ferro course. All of his skepticism was gone, because he felt he could be fluent. Daniel now recommends the course to anyone wanting to break free from the cage of their stutter, believing it to be an amazing opportunity.

On the Sunday after the 5-day Del Ferro course, I talked more in one day than ever before

Marco • 2024

What a weekend!

Friday after coming home from 5-day stutter therapy, I had to go shopping right away. At the checkout, I tried to time myself to go to the exhalation exactly when greeting. It seemed to work, only at exactly my timing the cashier went to say something to the previous customer. As a result, she greeted me right before my break.

I just nodded and tried to find other timing. It didn’t work at all, so I just nodded everything. I thought it was a negative experience and for a moment felt as trapped as ever. But soon I was able to get that off my chest.

The same evening I went to practice reading aloud, which I also filmed. It went super smooth, which was really the biggest win of the whole course for me. Reading aloud was always my worst nightmare, with 5 to 6 stutters per sentence and after 3 sentences I almost choked. Even alone I never succeeded.

I still can’t quite put into words how the Del Ferro method freed me. And I thank God in Jesus name that I am totally freed from the constriction and imprisonment of stuttering.

After analyzing my recordings of reading aloud, I started focusing more on speaking louder and articulating even more clearly. In the recording, my lips still seemed almost stationary.

I now practice the Del Ferro Method Phase 4 a lot at home by speaking out loud Bible verses I know by heart. I film those, too. Speaking louder and articulation are also my focuses here.

Last Saturday, I did a lot of reading aloud at home and practicing Phase 4 with the camera on.

Friday night, by the way, I realized: I am forgetting what difficult words and sentence structures were. Wow!

Sunday I went to church and talked an awful lot with brothers and sisters. Some I first explained what the Del Ferro method is. I had to stop talking 10-12 times that day. I lost count, but I’ve also never talked so much in one day.

By the way, I notice with gospel singing along, my voice sounds much louder and more powerful. With singing I had quite a cracking voice, not anymore.

On Monday, I am going to read a piece aloud to about 20 people at my church’s connect group. I plan to read a bit aloud from the Bible during the church service next Sunday.

Thanks again for your help in overcoming stuttering and every time I testify about overcoming stuttering, I will mention the Del Ferro method!

I am becoming more confident through a stutter-free life


She attended stutter therapy in 2023

I am a super happy woman because things are going really fine. The exercises make me happy and I still apply them because I get a lot of peace from them during an incredibly busy time at work.

I have already inducted 2 interns and wow how proud I am to be able to do that now. How confident that makes me.

I also spent a weekend with my husband and it is so nice that I can order anything I want.

Thanks for the tools I received to get rid of stuttering

Thomas - 25 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

On Monday on entering, I was received homely by Lurdes. She offered me coffee and welcomed me. I introduced myself and of course I stuttered. I then spent the first 15 minutes with Del Ferro not stuttering and soon learnt that that was based on coincidence and trickery. That was quite an eye-opener. The day started with an introduction from Dennis and Patrick and then we got started right away. By making the instructional video, I immediately entered into a confrontation that set the tone of the entire course.

I asked myself if I was going to open up to that and the genuine enthusiasm came. Patrick helped me tremendously. His way of explaining things is truly sublime. He makes the subject matter so small and simple that the methods and techniques are ten times easier to apply. A joy to listen to. The comparisons Patrick makes are a good example of this. Thank you for the tools I received to get rid of stuttering.

As a child, I could not utter a normal sentence, now I am a teacher

Monique - 43 years

She took stutter therapy more than 30 years ago

Nowadays, I am a teacher, instructor and give lectures. And that while I couldn’t utter a normal sentence as a child. Thanks to the Del Ferro method, I am stutter-free to this day. Happy to thank you again for the wise lessons.

Deciding to pursue the stutter therapy with Del Ferro was the best choice I ever made in my life

Peter - 32 years old - 2022

From day 1 I applied the Del Ferro method and I no longer stuttered, an incredible experience. It was more than just overcoming stuttering: it was a journey of self-discovery and growth. Not only was I coached on the physical problem of stuttering, but also really the mental part: how to deal with your own thoughts. This approach has changed my life.

As I write this, I have not stuttered for 11 months and I feel more comfortable than ever. I am immensely grateful to Del Ferro for the transformation I went through, both physically and mentally. Their support and method have helped me live a stutter-free life and look to the future with confidence.

I now have control over my speaking and speak confidently

Okki • 2023

I speak automatically with the occasional slip here and there, but I can put that into perspective. With the Del Ferro method in hand, I can handle ‘tense’ situations well, something I could not do before the course. That feels good.

I was trapped in a cage, then learnt to fly and currently I can sometimes wonderfully blow with the wind. I don’t have to do anything for it. Sometimes I have to do a little side-fluttering or adjusting in the right direction, and then I can float on with my eyes closed, cruise-control on and enjoy.

I actually never think about stuttering anymore and I just don't stutter

Rosalie - 13 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

Just wanted to tell you how extremely happy I am that you helped me get rid of my stutter so well! I gave a presentation in English for the class yesterday and it went super well. No nerves about stuttering. Only I found talking in English in front of the class a bit exciting, but it worked out well in the end.

I actually never think about stuttering and I just don’t stutter anymore. I actually still find it incredible when I think about it now! I am so incredibly grateful for your help and that Del Ferro is here! A friend of mine also stutters and I had given her a tip to go to Del Ferro. She signed up, I think! I would actually secretly really super enjoy seeing you and the other kids I was in the group with in March again. Have a cosy reunion with all of them, because I am so curious to know how they came out!

It really was a top course. I am very glad I did it.

Elise wanted to be stutter-free so that she could tell whole stories from now on. Using the Del Ferro method, she succeeded. She is grateful that she now has no fear at all when speaking.

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Elise - 15 years old - Elspeet

She attended stutter therapy in 2020

The English teacher had tears in his eyes when he heard Alex speak

Parents of Alex - 15 years old

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

Alex is very diligent with her daily exercises and phone calls. We praise her a lot because the changes in speaking are so incredible. Sometimes I just watch her talk because she smiles a lot and is so happy. And she talks like a waterfall.

Monday was her first day of school after two weeks’ holiday. She planned (a challenge), following Patrick’s lead, to tell the class what has changed in her life. Lessons were always a horror for Alex, combined with sleepless nights and lots of crying. She thought carefully about what she wanted to say to the students and the class teacher and was looking forward to giving a speech for the first time. The result was stunning. Everyone was happy for her, the mentor had many questions and could hardly do her lesson. Then the mentor went to the teachers’ room and told all the teachers. Today Alex had English and the teacher had tears in his eyes when he heard Alex speak. I often feel that way too.

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He attended stutter therapy in 2019

5 days ago I couldn't tell a story to my mom

With the Del Ferro method, Angel was able to tell a story to his mother whenever he wanted. He was glad that he could make her proud. Not only that, but his stutter therapists changed his life forever. Angel had undergone speech therapy for six years, and with each year, he lost a little hope that a solution would come. His self-confidence went from 0 to 100 with this course.

Pitch perfect

Lisa - 13 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

I just had my pitch! At the beginning, I told about the course and stuttering. I still found that difficult because I had a lot of tension. I then stopped for a moment and continued after a few breaths.

When I started my pitch it went great! At one point, I even started talking automatically! I did not stutter once. When I finished, everyone started cheering and clapping!

I am so happy with how things are going now!

I find the method super nice

Nick - 15 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

I love that I found this course. I had super fun and had a great group with a great teacher. I never felt bad and never bored. I super like the method and I am very glad I had the chance to learn it. I thank you very much for letting me come here and yes, I just want to thank everyone very much.

I am eternally grateful to you, I really mean that!

Ming Lie 李明昊 • 2022

I am now in the second semester of the first year of the Utrecht Conservatory of Music. I am studying Musician 3.0.

Last year I passed my VWO almost cum laude (7.9 average) and decided that by the end of this academic year I will be fluent. This is already working out quite well.

I would like to thank you for the tremendous peace you have brought to my system. In life as a musician and artist, that is sometimes very difficult to find.

Every day now I do yoga and breathing exercises similar to what I learned with you. All those exercises helped me perform, both on a stage and behind a desk.

I am eternally grateful to you, I really mean that!

Thanks to the Del Ferro method, I dare to ask anything

Pam - 14 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

Wow, what a great choice I made to go to Del Ferro. I learned a lot about my diaphragm. What is stuttering anyway?

Well, this is where I got the best explanation. The flower helped me especially as I am mostly in my thinking. I took on so many challenges this week. I even called the police. So yes, I dare more!

What is going to change for me is that I am going to do everything I can to go into life stutter-free. Thanks to the Del Ferro method, I dare to ask anything. I am very proud of myself, super proud actually that I always speak according to the method. And it’s all because of Del Ferro!

The Del Ferro method really helps

Xavier - 14 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

I hope I dare to speak more at school and to unfamiliar people. I also hope it all goes a bit easier now.

The course is perfectly well explained. I understood everything very well. I also felt very comfortable. The Del Ferro method really helps! Thanks for everything.

I can speak fluently!

Rana - 11 years

She attended stutter therapy in 2021

I am very glad I did this course. I never thought speaking fluently was possible at all. Before the course, I lost the fun in speaking. I always took a leaf to the bakery. I didn’t say anything but handed over the sheet that said what I wanted to buy. I was bullied and imitated with it and that was my weak spot. That’s why I came to Del Ferro.

I am very grateful to you. Patrick can explain very well and clearly. I can learn very well because I am one of the smartest students in the class. But stuttering made me afraid to give answers. But I knew it, that is definitely going to change from now on.

Sam feels visibly liberated and has his laughter back

Parents of Sam - 11 years old

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

We would like to thank you personally. Sam’s speaking is going very well. After many years of stuttering and futile attempts to get rid of it, Sam now speaks fluently after the course with you. Stage 5 transitioned into automaticity for him quite quickly. In addition, the course has given him back his strength, balance and a better ability to relax (he still does the breathing exercises every day). He feels visibly liberated and has his laughter back. A wonderful gift for Sam, and also for us as parents!

@Patrick: Many thanks for the engaging and inspiring teaching. This helped Sam a lot to keep up the tough course and stay motivated. Very beautiful and impressive how you wove your personal life story through the course.

@Dennis: Many thanks for the informative intake interview we had with you online at the time. It convinced us that we had come to the right place with you. Thanks also for your positive and constructive feedback on the weekly posts. This helped Sam to persevere.

It certainly changed my life

Emily - 12 years

Attended stutter therapy in 2021

My experience: I found it very special. It was a whole different way of looking at stuttering! Ingrid explained the theory well. Then it was practice, practice and practice!

Everyone took time for each other and if you made a mistake, it wasn’t a big deal because then other people could learn from it. During the break, we all went for a sandwich using the method. Was also very nice because you encourage each other all the time!

I’m sure I dare more! Before it was: oh, please don’t stutter. But now I feel confident that I no longer stutter when I apply the method. You will also learn how to concentrate and unwind at Del Ferro. Wow! That was so relaxing. It has definitely changed my life. But practice well!

I no longer have shame and insecurity because of this course

Dion - 10 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

I dare to speak to many more people now because I no longer stutter. I have no more shame and insecurity because of this course. I can make my dreams come true because I don’t stutter now and I like that a lot.

Talking to people a lot, like asking things, ordering, answering a question and addressing people.

I find my master Patrick a funny teacher.

You don't notice that my son once stuttered

Francisca - mother

Her son attended stutter therapy in 2023

He talks with such confidence, really lovely to see. I am now regularly told, “Can’t he shut up for a minute?” Haha. Really great to see and hear that he is therefore a very social male. He loves to chat.

He continues to do the exercises nicely every day and always without grumbling. He practices the French words for school all out loud, about which he himself says, “that’s an extra practice outside reading.” So totally top.

I have not stuttered for 19 days now

Tijn - 12 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

I’m doing well. There are only tops. I haven’t stuttered for 19 days now. Things are also going well at school. Someone in my class also stutters. I told him about Del Ferro, but only he is apparently not comfortable with it. I have test week now, so I did tell a little less because I am only busy learning.

I learned to speak fluently

Joep - 12 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

I find the Del Ferro method very useful and nice and it also allowed me to learn to speak fluently. Patrick is a fun teacher. He tells interesting stories and jokes a lot. I really liked the group and have a lot of fun in the group. I really liked that he talks so much about football.

I found all the topics very informative. I liked everything and nothing bad.

Our son has not stuttered since attending Del Ferro stutter therapy a year ago

Elianne - mum - 2022

It has now been a year since our son started stutter therapy with you. It’s going very well.

He has not stuttered since the course and, of course, we as parents and he himself are extremely happy about that! He started high school this summer and has his hands full, but he is doing well.

At times when he feels a little more tension, he picks up the exercises again and usually continues to do certain breathing exercises by default.

Thanks again for all the help and a year stutter free. What an accomplishment and how nice it is!

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Lisa - 12 years - Oostvoorne

She attended stutter therapy in 2021

I can now give a fluent presentation

Lisa attended stutter therapy because she was eager to get rid of stuttering. At school, she had to give a presentation in English. She did not come out of her words at all. She never wanted that situation again. Using the Del Ferro method, she is now stutter-free.

Our son has not stuttered since attending Del Ferro stutter therapy a year ago

Elianne - mum - 2022

It has now been a year since our son started stutter therapy with you. It’s going very well.

He has not stuttered since the course and, of course, we as parents and he himself are extremely happy about that! He started high school this summer and has his hands full, but he is doing well.

At times when he feels a little more tension, he picks up the exercises again and usually continues to do certain breathing exercises by default.

Thanks again for all the help and a year stutter free. What an accomplishment and how nice it is!

In the end, it does help, which I did not expect

Adnan - 11 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

I came in and I found it exciting. But in the end, it does help, I didn’t expect that. The explanations were clear and I understood everything. I hope that when I get rid of the stutter, I will again be able to say and explain presentations and book talks clearly and fluently.

I liked my lecturer and he explained everything well. The Del Ferro technique really helps not to stutter! Phase 1 was quite weird and took a long time, but eventually it’s faster and I don’t stutter. That’s why I found phase 4 so nice and good for my self-confidence. Thanks!

I was soooo happy I almost wanted to scream

Tijn - 12 years

He attended stuttering therapy in 2021

The entry on the first day was good. I immediately felt fine. The teacher is also very nice and has a lot of humour. He is very patient, also narrates beautifully and well. At first, when we had learned the technique, the penny didn’t drop.

When I walked to Bread bakery in the first break, I was very tense. I wanted to order a brownie and I felt I would stutter on the ‘b’. I started applying the method and it worked immediately! I was soooo happy I almost wanted to scream.

I also dare more now. For example, at a restaurant. I used to always order a Sprite, but I wanted a Fanta. I can finally do that! Now I am more confident.

What is going to change is that I can just say the answer to a question. That I will be able to talk more if I keep up the exercises for a few more months or weeks. I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Del Ferro!

Stutter-free from the first day of the course

A great experience for our students every Monday morning. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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