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Can you unlearn stuttering?

Scientific research has shown that stuttering is caused by a dysfunction of the diaphragm. This diaphragm, crucial for the breathing process, normally moves smoothly up

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Cause of stuttering

There are as many forms of stuttering as there are people who stutter, each with a unique personal style. What is a difficult word for

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Heredity of stuttering

Recent research has provided several insights into the causes of stuttering, but a single cause has not yet been found. Several theories suggest possible causes,

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Stuttering in adulthood

Despite years of research, the exact cause of stuttering is still not known, although there are several theories about it. Stuttering usually begins in children

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Stutter-free from the first day of the course

A great experience for our student. We never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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Geertruida stottervrij met Del Ferro

Voetballer Lutsharel Geertruida spreekt stottervrij in zijn documentaire 'Kind van Zuid'!

Mogelijk gemaakt door Del Ferro. Volg exact dezelfde stappen en word ook stottervrij! We vertellen je er graag alles over:

Del Ferro bij Humberto

Heb je Ingrid en Dennis gehoord bij Humberto op NPO Radio 1?

Volg exact dezelfde stappen als Lutsharel Geertruida en word ook stottervrij!