Confident from day 1

Dmitriy - 24 years

He attended stutter therapy in 2022

The course began with an explanation of how the human body works, This was different from other treatment methods.

We also started practising with Dennis from the first lesson and from then on we felt confident to speak. On the second day, we started practising a different exercise and it gave an even better effect. On the third day, he spoke while checking the breathing diagram.

The most important lesson I learnt is that if you start stuttering, you should stop immediately and start talking again. All of our speech depends on the diaphragm and how we control it.

A great experience for our students every Monday morning. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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Geertruida stottervrij met Del Ferro

Voetballer Lutsharel Geertruida spreekt stottervrij in zijn documentaire 'Kind van Zuid'!

Mogelijk gemaakt door Del Ferro. Volg exact dezelfde stappen en word ook stottervrij! We vertellen je er graag alles over:

Del Ferro bij Humberto

Heb je Ingrid en Dennis gehoord bij Humberto op NPO Radio 1?

Volg exact dezelfde stappen als Lutsharel Geertruida en word ook stottervrij!

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