Cause of stuttering

There are as many forms of stuttering as there are people who stutter, each with a unique personal style. What is a difficult word for some is simple for others. Nevertheless, there are many similarities in the behaviors and emotions that stuttering causes. The core is the physical cause. By addressing these, stuttering can be […]

Without Del Ferro’s stutter therapy, I would still be stuttering

The struggle with stuttering began for Peter as soon as he started elementary school. The unwanted companion traveled with him for more than 25 years. Now people don’t even realize he stuttered for a long time. Read Peter’s experience. Elementary school From the moment I went to elementary school I stuttered. So when I was […]

Patrick Wijdenes: ‘Quality is excluding the risk of chance’

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon sometime in the spring of 1984. Little did I know that from that day forward, the sun would shine forever for me… A friend once asked “how did you feel during your childhood when you stuttered”? My response was “like a little bird in a cage watching other birds […]

Heredity of stuttering

Recent research has provided several insights into the causes of stuttering, but a single cause has not yet been found. Several theories suggest possible causes, such as heredity, imitation of stuttering within the family and the influence of a multilingual upbringing. Heredity of stuttering Although it is often thought that stuttering is hereditary, this has […]

What is the difference between hacking and stuttering?

Stuttering manifests itself in various forms and intensities; no two people stutter in the same way, and the impact of stuttering varies from person to person. There are numerous examples of people who have achieved significant successes despite their stuttering, such as Joe Biden, the US president, who holds the most prestigious position in the […]

What are the best exercises against stuttering?

Stuttering has its ups and downs. There are days or periods when a person speaks more fluently than at other times, which often leads to frustration and uncertainty about whether stuttering will occur. In the quest for improvement, many try different exercises and solutions, but the disappointment is great when these prove ineffective in practice. […]

Can you unlearn stuttering?

Scientific research has shown that stuttering is caused by a dysfunction of the diaphragm. This diaphragm, crucial for the breathing process, normally moves smoothly up and down when breathing in and out. When we speak, the diaphragm makes a similar movement, but the vocal cords close. In stuttering, however, this smooth upward movement is interrupted, […]

Stuttering and breathing. What do they have to do with each other?

Many people wonder why some individuals stutter while speaking but not while singing. The explanation is that everyone has control over the diaphragm while singing. The diaphragm, a dome-shaped muscle located between the chest and abdominal cavity, plays a crucial role in breathing. It attaches to some ribs and facilitates most of the breathing movement. […]

Stuttering in adulthood

Despite years of research, the exact cause of stuttering is still not known, although there are several theories about it. Stuttering usually begins in children between the ages of two and six, often for no apparent reason. Stuttering can sometimes occur after a profound or emotional experience, whether positive or negative. In some cases, children […]


In both brodling and stuttering, speech is not fluent. People who do not stutter are often familiar with the typical characteristics of stuttering, such as blocking, repeating letters, words, and phrases, lengthening letters, and making grimaces. However, stutterers are also skilled at using tricks and synonyms, and sometimes choose silence when they actually want to […]

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