Stottertherapie en ademtraining met de Del Ferro methode

In both brodling and stuttering, speech is not fluent. People who do not stutter are often familiar with the typical characteristics of stuttering, such as blocking, repeating letters, words, and phrases, lengthening letters, and making grimaces. However, stutterers are also skilled at using tricks and synonyms, and sometimes choose silence when they actually want to say something.

Brooding symptoms

Brooding is characterized by a high rate of speech, where syllables are skipped, words flow together, speech is spoken colloquially and pauses are inserted at inappropriate places in the sentence. This often makes a person who babbles difficult to understand, which can affect self-confidence through feedback from others that they are poorly understood.

Brooding adults

Adults with gibberish problems may tend to speak less and lose pleasure in speaking. They often choose to contribute less at work or in social situations, which prevents them from reaching their full potential and being who they really are.

Cause brodling

Long-term research on both stuttering and brodling has not yet produced a scientifically established cause. Although brodling and stuttering are different speech disorders, they often occur together. It is common for a person to both stutter and babble, although the reverse is less frequent.

Brooding practice

There is good news: brodling can be completely tackled through practice and training with the specific speaking technique of the Del Ferro method. This technique provides immediate improvement, teaching one to speak clearly and confidently. People who have overcome brodling often become even better speakers than others.

A great experience for our students. You never get used to it. Do you also want to live stutter-free?

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